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Walking 'Round The Room Singing Stormy Weather [userpic]
Update 3/9/06-3/24/06
by Walking 'Round The Room Singing Stormy Weather (privateuniverse)
at March 24th, 2006 (05:50 am)
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weeds_weekly will be more like Weeds, I'll update on a Thursday when there is anything to report until we get closer to the new season starting, there were a few things to report last week but my computer chair broke and updating weeds_weekly takes an hour minimum per week, even if there is nothing/almost nothing to report, don't get me wrong, I love doing it, just not in an uncomfortable chair or standing up.

The most of the cast were at the William S. Paley Television Festival on the 15th of March, there are Mary-Louise Parker-centric photos here, and photos of the whole cast here and here.

Casting News For Pilot SeasonCollapse )

Weeds won The Royal Television Society award for Best International Series.

There is a lot of discussion of of the changing role of single parents on TV this week, some of it is quite interesting, Nancy Botwin is used as an example here.

Five Weeds Icons (part of a multi-fandom post) by x_sob

weeds_icontest 2nd challenge finishes on Sunday, details can be found here.

postxf would like a copy of the promo using Daniel Powter's song Bad Day here.

creativectsacy would like to know where exactly in the world is Agrestic, here.

Walking 'Round The Room Singing Stormy Weather [userpic]
Weekly Update 3/2/2006-3/9/2006
by Walking 'Round The Room Singing Stormy Weather (privateuniverse)
at March 10th, 2006 (05:20 am)

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Dean:They called her shit girl.
Celia:Well it's better than fat girl.

Mary-Louise Parker will be returning to The West Wing for one or more of the series final episodes, there are several hundred more articles regarding this over atGoogle News, beware, these articles may contain spoilers.

ART honors Parker and GuareCollapse )

Scroll down to the very last section of this page from The National Ledger for a little piece on what Alexander Gould is doing this summer and his voice role in Bambi 2.

There is a Q&A with Alexander Gould here.

Random News:-
This is old news by now but I missed it last week, you can download Weeds from iTunes.

At the very bottom of this article is some news about the show adding a new co-excutive producer.

Meta (or more like complaining):-
New Zealanders "demand" that Weeds be put on their TV schedule, like now.

15 Weeds Icons by privateuniverse
weeds_icontest is currently holding their first challenge, if you are into icon making, go and check it out.

All quiet on the fanfiction front, but not for much longer with any luck as weeds_fic will be holding a challenge from next Monday, check out the community then for more info.

Walking 'Round The Room Singing Stormy Weather [userpic]
Interesting Fandomy Things To Date (By No Means a Comprehensive List)
by Walking 'Round The Room Singing Stormy Weather (privateuniverse)
at March 2nd, 2006 (03:06 am)
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Credit: nexusappraiser

Celia:-Have you ever Had sex with a woman?
Nancy:-Excuse me?
Celia:-I think I'd like to try it.
Nancy:-With who?
Celia:-Anyone, I don't care, I'm sick of men. Maybe I missed my calling, I mean what if I was supposed to be a dyke and just made a wrong turn by mistake, it would explain a hell of a lot. Here's the thing, I really want to fuck around on Dean but the thought of having to put one more cock into my mouth is just too drepressing.
Nancy:-I'm not sure a vagina would be any sort of improvement for you.
Celia:-Maybe you're right, the truth is pussy really skeeves me up, that whole mirror investigation thing we did when we were young, truly a rude awakening.

1.03 - The Good Shit Lollipop

Official Website:-
Weeds, comedy series on Showtime. (for US IP addresses only.)
Kevin Nealon - The Official Website

Eljay Communities (that have been updated in 2006):-
weeds_sho is the main discussion community for Weeds.
weeds_fic is the community for fanfiction.
eliz_perkins is the community for Elizabeth Perkins fans.
weeds_icontest is a Weeds icon challenge community.

Currently Active Fansites and Mailing Lists:-
Nam's Mary-Louise Parker Page
On The Side - Mary-Louise Parker Mailing List
Justin Kirk Online
Weeds On Showtime - Mailing List
Alexander Gould Online
Hunter Parrish Online

Dealing - The Weeds Fanlisting
Moral Relativity - The Nancy Botwin Fanlisting
Butterfly In Reverse - The Mary-Louise Parker Fanlisting
Strange - The Shane Botwin Fanlisting
Loverboy - The Hunter Parrish Fanlisting

Color Bars, Wallpapers And Banners:-
Mary-Louise Parker Color Bar by improvedsilence
Celia/Nancy Friends Only Banner by dvl_wears_prada
Mary-Louise Parker Weeds LJ Banner/Header by newfangled_sock
Mary-Louise Parker Wallpaper by chelsea_energy
Mary-Louise Parker Wallpaper by cathartic_prose
A Different Mary-Louise Parker Color Bar by cathartic_prose

14 Weeds Icons (part of a multi-fandom post) by andraste_tree
35 Weeds Icons by infection_
16 Mary-Louise Parker Icons (8 Weeds specific) by improvedsilence
18 Mary-Louise Parker and Weeds Icons (part of a multi-fandom post) by _atomic_cherry
16 Weeds Icons(part of a multi-fandom post) by newfangled_sock
10 Weeds Icons (part of a multi-fandom post) by bluestlight
21 Weeds Icons (part of a multi-fandom post) by stillawake
Nine Weeds Icons (part of a multi-fandom post) by stillawake
18 Weeds Icons by chelsea_energy
18 Weeds Icons (part of a multi-fandom post) by stillawake
26 Mary-Louise Parker Icons, Seven Weeds Specific by cathartic_prose
Three Weeds Wallpapers From The Showtime Site thanks to prozacnation

Weeds Screen Caps For All Episodes Except 1.07 - by _aced_

Just Another Lie, Nancy/Celia, NC-17 by michellek
Medicine, Nancy/Celia, PG by michellek
Dirty Hearts, Nancy/Celia, R by femslashqueen

Soundtrack Listing:-

1. Little Boxes - Malvina Reynolds
2. David - Nellie McKay
3. A Doodlin' Song - Peggy Lee
4. All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands - Sufjan Stevens
5. Ganja Baby - Michael Franti
6. More Then A Friend - All Too Much
7. Blood - Sons & Daughters
8. The Laws Have Changed - The New Pornographers
9. Fake Purse - Joey Santiago
10. Wacky Tabacky - NRBQ
11. Who Knows - Marion Black
12. I Can't Move - Martin Creed
13. Cotton - The Mountain Goats
14. Birthday Video - Joey Santiago
15. If I Ever Leave This World Alive - Floggin Molly
16. Littlest Bird - The Be Good Tanyas
17. Satan Lend Me A Dollar - Hill Of Beans

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