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This community is the Weeds equivilant of communitities such as tww_full_lid and su_herald, a fandom newsletter to provide a list of fanfiction, icon posts, discussion etc.

It will be updated at some time each Thursday, Australian EDT/EST. (depending on the time of year obviously) which will be sometime on Wednesday for the vast majority of people using the community.

I'm pretty involved in fandom but I'm not going to be alble to be everywhere, so if any of you see anything that would be of interest to the community please either email is it me (a mailto:"weeds@ghostgirl.geek.nz">weeds@ghostgirl.geek.nz</a> or comment to this post. Also, I can't access the Showtime website, so if someone could keep me informed of any major happenings on the website, that would be great.

Pimp, pimp, pimp! - The more people who know about the community, the better.

If anyone sees a link to something on their journal that they would rather not have pimped, email me and I'll remove it.